which reminds me of quick 5

It’s Saturday night and I am beat. For some reason sleep has been fleeting this week, like a friend that doesn’t want to come and then doesn’t stay long and then leaves a lingering discontent behind.  Oh, sleep. 

1. A week from now we will be sleeping under the stars.  That’s right- now that our kids are 5, 3, and 1- we feel they are definitely old enough to camp. Actually, our church goes camping together every Labor day as part of a lovely tradition called the Nothing Retreat. The weekend was named not after what is accomplished or done, but called “Nothing” because we try to plan nothing and let life just happen. Last year was a blast. My boys are counting down and, as of today, I am too. All the planning reminds me of a Sara Groves song where she says “I wish we could all go camping and lay beneath the stars, with nothing to do and stories to tell…” We can, Sara, wish you would come. 

And speaking of Sara Groves…

2. I recently learned that a friend of mine has not only met Sara Groves, but accidentally offended her in the efforts to make polite conversation.  I confess, I was a bit miffed at him when he said that and I felt as if he had insulted my friend.  But then I remembered, “Oh wait…he is my friend and she is a stranger who I have never met.”  So I forgave him.

But I have not forgiven…

3.  My friend, my dear friend who is always of one mind when it comes to literature, desserts, redecorating, homeschooling…yes, this true friend admitted unashamedly that she hated the movie While You Were Sleeping. Sheesh…talk about testing a friendship.


4. She did loan me You’ve Got Mail which I watched twice in the first 48 hours. Such a classic.

5. Monday is day 1 of school!!! Woo-hoo!  I am excited, Drew is excited, you are excited- that makes three of us. Nice. 

Well, I have a gazillion pictures.  If I decide to drink this Dr. Pepper that is next to me, there should be a pic post following shortly.  If I decide to retreat to my room for the night, pics to come in a few days.  Decisions, decisions…

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