when facebook stuns you

Checking for a reply on facebook this morning, I read a status update from a friend that gave information for her sister’s funeral. Though I am not particularly close to her (and never met her sister), she is part of a family that has been such a special part of our lives since Garrett and I were dating. And I think of this loss- the death of a 31-year old mom of four, someone I never met, but I can’t help but just cry.

Such loss.  Such heartache.  Such a void that will be left in a family that looked to her.

Sometimes the ways of our God are so mysterious, and it seems that some families have to bear a disproportionate amount of suffering.

My heart grieves and breaks. Know that we are thinking of you all in Wichita, praying for the peace of God and the hope of Christ in your lives right now.

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