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I’ve been meaning to write an update these last few days, but days come and go and the time seems to escape me. I realized today that I woke up at 6:30, fed Ella, fed boys, showered and dressed, dressed the boys, fed Ella again- and then it was lunch time. Hmmm…not sure how moms of three accomplish much. A lot of time right now is spent feeding Ella, who is a leisurely eater. This is taking some adjusting as her brothers were known for their speed in terms of eating. So I’m finally dealing with the reality that feeding Ella takes an hour…seven times a day…sheesh.

Anyways, here are some shots of the week.

Aunt Sarah came to visit from Chicago just to meet her new niece!
Been playing outside a lot thanks to the lovely summer weather

Sleeping beauty…so thankful she is a great little sleeper.

Daddy and Ella

1 week old

The day we came home from the hospital, Drew declared that Ella should not nap without animals. So he graciously offered Princess Anna and Lion to nap with her. Quite a gesture of love as these are two of his favorites.

Overall we are adjusting well, I would say. When I muster the emotional energy I will give you the scoop on the delivery, ending in another c-section. But for now I’ll just say thanks to everyone who has brought food and helped in so many ways. A special thanks to Teresa and kiddos who delivered Donut Professor this afternoon. Now that is friendship.

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  1. Hey Garrett and Becky,

    Congratulations!! The only way Rachel does life with a family of three (4yrs and under) is with a house helper who does your shopping, cooking, and cleaning. Why don’t you guys just move here? Life will be so much easier here…I promise to make sure your family gets a good house helper. 😉

    Josh C who loves listenin’ to Trip Lee

  2. There is a picture of Drew. And if you are referring to Drew’s new hair do, I thought that deserved a post of it’s own. Coming soon…

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