what to say, what to say

Are you tired of posts about my messy house and the soul-searching struggle to engage it each day? Me, too. So what to say…

No recent activity to report in the mouse department. Maybe we caught them all. Or maybe they pulled back to regroup after losing so many in such a short time. Either way, I’m thankful.

I’m wearing a sweater today that I bought on clearance at the Gap. Every time I look in the mirror I laugh because I remember my husband’s face when he first saw it (he is not into sweaters- particularly those with any sort of collar/turtleneck going on). In the store I held it up and said, “I can’t believe this is only $3.99!” “I can.” he replied. =)

Isaac is dreading our upcoming trip to the library because he will have to return Dinotrux, his most favorite of all favorite books. Last time we dropped it in the return box, we drove away from the library and he was sobbing. Sheesh. I know I could just renew it, but I can only read a book so many times, people. And I can only listen to my boys fight over who will read the book (they both have it memorized) so many times. And that threshold has been reached, so back it goes.

I got a haircut last week. It had been awhile, and there was really no actual style left to my hair, so I went in for the cut. It’s always quite an experience to go into a salon, isn’t it? I am awed by the colors of hair, designs on pantyhose, temperature of the flat iron (should it smoke? is that really OK???), and this trip was no exception. I was welcomed and seated by a stylist who was wearing a dress that looked like something you wear in kindergarten, except it was so cool looking that I found myself wondering where she got it…and if they still had any…and if I really could pull off black leggings. But then I snapped out of it when she asked me, “Do you flat iron your hair when you style it?” My initial reaction was, “Not at the temperature of the sun like you do here” but I actually said, “You know, I’ve just been wearing it in a ponytail mostly this summer.” Then she laughed and said, “Well you won’t be doing that anymore!” And I suddenly knew that something somewhere had gone horribly wrong.

I went to the chiropractor and he kindly but gently informed me that if I don’t stop carrying stress in my shoulders I’ll be a hunchback by age 40. He seemed like he wanted to be part of the solution so I asked if he wanted to watch my kids a bit for me. I don’t think that’s what he had in mind. (Truth be told- he did say that but I didn’t respond that…in fact, I didn’t even think of it ’til just now.)

If I were still pregnant, I’d be six months along. Crazy thought.

I thought I had more cohesive things to say when this started but “it be what it arrrre” (that’s pirate talk for “it is what it is.”) And on that note, let’s just tie this off, huh? Good night.

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  1. NO!! I'm not tired of your posts about messy houses and crazy lives, because it makes me feel like someone else is saying exactly what I'm thinking in my heart! =)

    I went to the Gap the other day and had the very clear thought – I'm not seventeen anymore. Like, there was nothing in there that I wanted to buy. Who goes into the Gap and doesn't want to buy anything? It was a sad and sobering day. I'm getting older…there's no denying it anymore.

    I've been mulling over a way that I could actually see you sometime. Its still mulling, but I thought I'd at least put you on notice that it's mulling…


  2. I'm laughing outloud reading this post. I love it. Especially the remarks on a hair salon experience. After finding so many cute girl fall outfits for Ad, I ponder if I could really pull off the long plaid trendy shirts and leggings with cute boots. Then I snap to reality, A. where will I wear that and B. will people think I've lost it trying to have A style all of the sudden! I'm sticking to jeans. Maybe I'll pull out the sweaters! D loves them too!

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