we’ll take ’em both

What we didn’t want to hear
Doctor:”Congratulations! You’re well on your way to having another large baby!”

What we did want to hear
Ultrasound tech: “It is definitely a girl!”

Heard both on Tuesday and we are stoked =)

13 thoughts on “we’ll take ’em both”

  1. yay for girls!! how fun becky! congrats, a million times over! We love girls at our house…obviously. =)I keep marveling at how big I am…and then I remember I still have six weeks to go. Six more weeks to get bigger…hope you’re doing well and not as big as me. =)rach

  2. Oh Becky, we’re so excited for you! That little girl is going to have such fun growing up with her two big brothers, and I can only imagine how much they are going to dote on her. Alaina is very excited to hear about her new friend! (Or maybe she’s just excited about the toy that’s in front of her right now. It’s hard to tell.)

  3. Yeah for girls! I wondered when we talked if you’d had a preview yet. Didn’t want to pry…glad I didn’t. We’re psyched for you guys! I’m already shopping for pink for my niece! Maybe we won’t have our own basketball team afterall! I’m ok with that…less injuries!

  4. YEAH! Seriously, just got done jumping around the room for you guys! So excited for this little girl! What a family she has waiting for her:)

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