week 36: large and in charge

I’m huge.

I was walking through Target with my hubby a few weeks back when I glimpsed a pregnant lady in my peripheral vision. It was all I could do to not whistle under my breath- She looks ready to pop, I thought. Another sly look revealed that it was actually…a mirror, and I was commenting on my own profile. “Am I really that big?” I asked Garrett. My husband wisely pretended not to hear me.

It’s official. I’ve entered the phase of raised eyebrows and sympathetic looks. “How far along are you?” is now the standard greeting coming from cashiers, bank clerks, grocery store checkers, and even friends.

Staring at my belly, one of our teens commented last week, “I know that baby has got to be coming soon…” I was touched that he was counting down the weeks. Then he continued,”..cause you cannot get that much bigger.” (Sigh)

But though I can’t see my feet, I can look on the bright side. Being this pregnant makes it easy to manipulate for second helpings around here- an art at our dinner table. I simply watch someone swipe the pork chop I am eyeing, and quietly say, “Oh that’s fine- me and this growing baby will just go munch on some celery or something.” Works every time.

Another benefit is the ability to wear my favorite pants every day- simply because they are the only ones that fit. So I don’t have to work them in the rotation, looking forward to “fav jeans day”, I just rock ’em every morning. Bonus.

They say good things come in small packages. But I guess 10 lb. babies (oh yeah- we’re aiming for double digits with this little princess) is more of a great thing than a good thing.

So if you’ll excuse me, I’m about to go drink my weight in water (pre-pregnancy weight, mind you), hop in the shower, and toss on those faithful jeans. =)

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  1. I have so much sympathy for you (I am picturing you at our wedding with Drew)! I have friends due the end of July that are bigger than me NOW. It seems all wrong. It’s amazing how similar yet opposite these little girlie cousins have been so far! Although, ready to share good times together in the future! We’re so excited to meet her!

  2. Oh my gosh, Shelbie. When you mentioned how I was with Drew, I suddenly felt petite! Thankfully this pregnancy I am mainly huge in the tummy and not in the face, ankles, elbows, ears, etc. like I was with Drew. It actually ecnouraged me to recall that! =)

  3. Wow, I haven’t been on your blog in a really long time, so accept my late congratulations on your soon to be little girl. And remember we always criticize ourselves the hardest, I’m sure you are not that big. LOL 🙂

    Lisa Jackson

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