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The week is half way gone and I just wonder where it went. Our little crowd is doing well. The boys just got over a stomach bug and then Ella began throwing up this morning. So I guess we aren’t quite over it yet.

I had a triumph this morning, which is really the reason that I sat down to blog. I’m feeling this strange high from a successful grocery trip. Those of you who have never grocery-shopped with three kids under 4 may not be able to relate…but still I will relate it to you.

Since the birth of Ella, I stopped doing our weekly shopping at Aldi. Though Aldi did save us a lot of money, there was a problem: the cart situation. At Wal-mart, I can put the kids in the grande cart- you know the one, two extra seats on the front, steers like a 70’s buick, room for kids and food, boys sit facing each other so they can spit on each other when they’re bored, etc.

So last week I had the great idea to just shop at night and leave kiddos with Garrett. I told my husband the plan and he simply said, “No. We are staying home together tonight.” (For those of you who are wondering, “You really let your husband tell you what to do?” The answer is yes.) On reflection, I realized that he had a good point and grocery shopping is part of my job. So I need to fit it in the day somehow. Still, I really wanted to shop Aldi and save money…and then it hit me: the wagon.

We own a double-seated, radio flyer wagon, that is quite possibly the nicest vehicle we possess. And- the boys love it. So this morning during room time, I loaded it into the van. Shortly after we headed out on the shopping trip, got to Aldi, and put the boys in the wagon and Ella in the cart. Genius. Phenomenal. Awesome. Yahoo.

In 45 minutes, we were back in the car with $107 worth of groceries that will last us a whole week. Upon realizing this small miracle as I drove home, I said, “We did it. Thank you, Lord!” To which a small voice replied in the backseat, “Welcome!”

Needless to say, we celebrated the savings with a cookie for the little rascals and a DDP for mom.

I should probably finish putting said groceries away. Just thought I’d throw a thought out there and let you share the victory.

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  1. I'm really impressed, Becky! I'm just imagining that, while successful, it still had to be hard work since you had to pull a wagon, push a cart, and do the shopping! I know that creativity goes a long way for even the day to day activities once kids come along! Great job!

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