Weather’s here- wish you were beautiful!

I read that on a postcard once and it stuck with me. Pretty clever. Seemed like a funny title for my post about the beach.

What can we say…we’re on the beach again…that is, the South Beach diet. Two years ago we spent a summer, a tasty but carbless summer, on the Beach and both lost some weight. Here we go again.

For me the choice to diet wasn’t that difficult. My summer clothes are almost all about five pounds from fitting…so I can diet or buy a whole new wardrobe. The other factor is that my IBS (irritable bowel syndrome- though for me it has been more like “furious bowel syndrome” lately) has been really bad this spring. For some reason, when I am on the south beach all of those unwanted syndromes disappear. So we took the plunge.

I am on day 7. Its kind of funny how a week without carbs or sugar makes you stare longingly at a tortilla. Or a saltine. Or a bagel. Or a waffle. Or a…this could go on for awhile so I’ll just stop- it’s making me hungry. The good news is that in 8 more days we’ll be able to add back in good carbs. Which means we’ll be buying that seriously whole grain bread that is so whole it tastes more like sandpaper. But because we have been deprived of carbs for 14 days, it will taste like Wonder bread to us! Looking forward to it.

So that’s the latest from the beach. We’ll keep you posted.

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