“Want baby to come!”

These words actually came out of Drew’s mouth yesterday! Now that the baby toys and clothes are around, Drew really wants the baby to come so that at least someone will be able to enjoy these fun new things – even if it isn’t him. So that has been a positive development.

Drew has been increasingly interested in the concept of relationships between people. Last week he told me one morning that Moo-Face, his stuffed cow, was his sister. The next day, Drew was excited to announce that Cow, his plastic one, had a wife–Triceratops! Not sure exactly where he picked up those concepts, but it is fun to watch his vocabulary and world expand.

As for me, the countdown is now at six until the due date, though if that date comes and goes we won’t even consider speeding things along for another week. So I’m trying to think long-term here, but it gets harder each day. I decided this morning that today is going to be a great day because either the baby will come or its another day to get more done and enjoy my boys before the baby comes. So its a win-win situation! I hope to tell myself that again tomorrow morning…

We’ll keep you posted =)

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  1. Hey Lady,I’ve been checking your site everyday and thinking about you a lot. Hope that you are in labor right now for your sake. You are in my prayers!love,Kristy Allen

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