vacation resolution #1: buy a cabin in the Black Hills

We have finished our first week of vacation with two yet to go. After a week in the Black Hills, we arrived early this morning at Ponderosa Camp, just north of Colorado Springs. We will be staying here for two more weeks before heading back to Omaha.

How to sum up the first week…hmmm…words like restful, relaxing, peaceful, tranquil- you get the picture. Our cabin was absolutely amazing with everything you could want for vacation with kids: multiple bedrooms, huge deck for meals together, nice kitchen, creek right down the road, lake just a few minutes in the car, and a TV/VCR for those mornings when the time change just wasn’t quite adjusted to. I looked at Garrett on Wednesday and said, “This has been the most relaxing four days of the last five years.” He replied, “For sure.”

Our days were filled with a mixture of activities and just hanging out. The pictures (which will be added as soon as I find the camera cord…or borrow one…or break down and buy one)will give you an idea of things we did. Garrett and I tried to be intentional about reading and reflecting, something that will hopefully continue even in the coming weeks in Colorado. Garrett has been reading “On Prayer” by Augustine. I have been reading “The Spiritual Secret of Hudson Taylor”. It’s a book I read in high school and found again as we packed. (Garrett was a bit disappointed with Taylor’s secret. “Pray and trust God? That’s a secret???”) Hudson Taylor has long been a hero of mine, ever since I first read about his burden for China and his determination to trust God in all things. Sure, it sounds pretty basic, but when you read how radically he depended on the Lord- it’s not your everyday Christian stuff, that is for sure. Admittedly- it’s a hard read in that you sort of feel like a total, selfish loser as you read it. But it’s encouraging, in a kick-your-butt kind of way. I’m diggin’ it.

Our “theme” song of the trip we found on a CD given to us by a friend. I wish you could experience driving through the Black Hills, windows down with a fresh breeze stirring, mountainous hills covered in trees, wildlife popping up, lakes and rivers that appear around bends, and then this song blaring over the cries and shouts of your kids =) But really, I’ve been so blessed by the verses that put some personal thoughts behind the Lord’s prayer, and then the chorus that celebrates the strength of God’s love. Something about nature that reassures you about God’s strength. Awesome.

You can listen to it here. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=301S7NgAkLs

Another aspect of this trip that has blessed my heart is seeing my husband truly in his natural habitat. Garrett grew up in Colorado, camping and running around the mountains with his family and spending days in the woods. He just loves it and that is passing on to our boys. There’s something about boys being in the wilderness that is equivalent to women garage saleing; I don’t know how to explain it except that they’re just in their element. Our little guys love it though they have been city boys thus far. Still, it didn’t take long for them to love the creek and lake, hiking, watching for animals, spitting and peeing where you want, etc. Ah, nature…

Well, I should check on kiddos and get this wrapped up. Thanks for those of you who are praying for our trip. We miss life in South O and will be happy to be home, I’m sure. But until then, we’ll enjoy the cabin life and all it has to offer, which is quite a lot.

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  1. AWESOME!!! I'm so thrilled to hear you guys are taking some serious time to relax and enjoy being a family. I can just picture the beautiful setting and will pray that the remaining time is just as much of a blessing!

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