Us, competitive? Just a little…

To celebrate the season of Christmas, we’ve been trying to do some traditional holiday activities as a family. Last week we decorated the house. This week we had a gingerbread house competition. There were seven competitors, including all of us at the house plus one friend. We gathere supplies, set up stations, and had 2 hours to complete our structure. Then the judges arrived and we awaited their decisions.

Naturally, the whole event got a little competitive. Trash talk was tossed back and forth all week. The atmosphere was festive but serious. We were enjoying ourselves…but we wanted to win.
There have been some murmurings about the vailidity of the judging. So we decided to conduct an online poll. So please vote for your favorite…
“Three Little Snow Pigs”- you can’t see it very well, but there are two houses in the back (straw and stick) that have been demolished by the Big bad wolf (made of gumdrops in the back right).

“Snowman Meets Baby Jesus”

“Peace on Earth” (yes- that is a tank…)


“Pirates on the High Seas”

“I’ll be Home for Christmas”

“A Big TV”

We’re awaiting your unbiased voting in order to confirm or overturn the results. =)

7 thoughts on “Us, competitive? Just a little…”

  1. I vote pirates on the high seas for creativity, and Church for representing more traditional christmas values :), though they are all better than what I think I could do! Who won??

  2. Pirates on the High Seas – totally wins! The others were interesting but not voting worthy…just my opinion!Nana Leslie

  3. It’s easy to judge them when they are all explained for you…. If you don’t respect my judging opinions don’t ever ask me to be part of your contests again! Pirates of the Sea is not a gingerbread house! Besides, Reed was on performance enhancing drugs and should have been disqualified anyways. I still love the satelite!

  4. Thanks for the votes. In our original contest, there were two winners: “Peace on Earth” in the creative category, and “I’ll be home for Christmas” in the traditional category. Since the online voting took such a different turn…its hard to know if we should redistribute prizes…or maybe just award a “People’s Choice” award… either way- thanks!

  5. I may be a little late but the Tank has found a special place in my heart. Call it hyper masculine aggression or just call it plain old appreciation for the asthetically beautiful. Either way, all other displays would be destroyed by the tank. If only someone could have seen the impending marshmallow doom and thwart said attack by constructing an A-10 Warthog Gram Cracker, tank busting death machine. Just my 2-cents.Chris Macedo

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