Do you feel that awkward silence, or is it just me? I’m afraid that this blog is turning into one of those relationships where you don’t keep in touch well, and then the guilt of it (or maybe the overwhelming “I don’t even know where to start!”) keeps you from getting back at it. But alas, here we are.

Merry Christmas. Hope yours was meaningful.

Garrett left yesterday morning to go on the ski trip with our boys’ home. It’s my first year in five years to not go…which is just weird. But I am holding down the fort with the company of a special guest, my sister-in-law, Emily. Ems travelled from the beautiful state of CO to join us for a snowy new years here. So far we are having a good time, the boys especially enjoying having her here. (“I go if Mimi goes!” is Isaac’s response to “Please put your coat on.”)

Just a quick update would take a long time. So here is a one (or two) word update on a variety of topics-

Drew? inquisitive
Isaac? ornery…still
Ella? mobile…and hungry!
Garrett? dilligent
Work on new house? tortoise (slow and steady!)
Moving? february…?
Christmas? old school
Me? managing
Weather? snowy
Life in general? delightful
Verse? John 1:4

There you have it. I really would like to get back in the groove of writing about things. I feel kind of out of sync in all that- not sure what it is.

Go Huskers! Happy New Year to all!

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