three truths and a lie: halloween edition

True: Today is Halloween.

True: My oldest son is only a few years away from being old enough to be in a boy band.

True: At the trick-or-treat at my grandma’s nursing home, a little huddle of tweeny boppers wanted to take their picture with Drew because they thought he was so cute.

I told them to back off and keep their hands off my baby. (False)

True: Isaac’s costume was a big hit with people young and old.
True: Isaac took one bite of cotton candy and said “Yuck. I don’t want this.”
True: I ate it for him.
It took him just one week to grow that mustache. (False)

True: Ella wanted to be a dragon for halloween.
True: Ella likes to play dragon and pretend the bathroom is her cave.
True: She thinks she looks like Wheezy on Dragon Tales.
She does look like Wheezy on Dragon Tales. (False)

True: Tessa has a darling little zebra costume.

True: There are no pictures because she is the fourth child and destined to have no pictures of her infancy (ok- so the second part is false. She actually slept through the event so you couldn’t see her costume when she was all tucked in her carseat.)
True: I am planning to get pictures of her tonight.

I am not planning to eat any of my children’s candy. (False)

Happy Halloween!

4 thoughts on “three truths and a lie: halloween edition”

  1. I'm so sorry, but I can't figure out what everyone's costume is!

    Ella – one of a two-headed dragon, got it.

    Drew – looks like a vampire? (Sorry, I never read Twilight) Is he going as Robert Pattinson? Is he going as Robert Pattinson who is auditioning for a boy band?

    Isaac – looks like a Munchkin from W of Oz, or like he works in a hamburger joint. Who is he?

    Please enlighten The Confused One, which is who I will be going as tonight. (false)

  2. Good point, Teresa!

    Isaac is going as Luigi from the Mario Brothers (there is a L on his little hat, suspender kind of outfit, etc.)

    Drew is Dan from the Bakugan cartoon. (truthfully he has watched that show a total of 2.3 times but thinks it's cool. And I found the costume at a secondhand store.)

    Consider yourself enlightened!

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