This one’s for you, Monday

If I could dedicate a song to Monday, it would be “Heartless” (definitely this version by Kris Allen on AI).  Oh, Monday, Monday.

It started well.  Up and at ’em. Breakfast. Room time.  Dress the troops.  Head to the grocery store.

Once at Aldi, there was no cart with a seat belt.  I should have calmly put the kids back into the car and gone home.  Instead I pressed on.  It took Ella about 17 seconds to realize she was not belted in, and thus began the game of “Sit down, Ella!”

Then, in frustration, she began to browse the back of the cart.  Somewhere between canned goods and pasta, Isaac disappeared.  After finding him around the corner, I returned to the cart (where Drew was on “Sit down, Ella” duty) to find that Ella was gnawing on a bell pepper.

Check out. Trying to bag items.  It finally became apparent that it was safer to put Ella on the floor than to continue playing “Sit down, Ella”, which was now more like “Surfing Ella”.

Groceries and little people in car.  Deep breaths. Dr. Pepper from McD’s. Day was looking up again.

Got home to discover we were locked out of the house.  Poor Isaac really needed to go to the potty but there was nothing to be done.  After a few minutes of me jiggling keys and finally calling Garrett, I-man relaxed, a brief look of concentration flitted across his face, and then he smiled happily and went to play. (So thankful he wore pull-ups to the store!) So we hung in the backyard and chatted with the neighbors.

And Garrett crawled in the house through a window to save the day.

Now they’re napping happily and, once more, the day is looking up.  But I don’t trust you, Monday…

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