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I feel like I’m writing today not because I have a lot to say on any one subject in particular but because I have a little to say on a lot of subjects. So why not put it out there, eh?

Last month we spent a few fun-filled days in Ogallala, Nebraska, taking some time away and meeting up with family. We had a great time! Drew was thrilled to see some of his CO relatives, and particularly thrilled that they brought their little dog. He especially enjoyed playing in the dog’s kennel. We are considering purchasing one ( a kennel- not a dog) before the next baby =)

I am almost 7 months pregnant. I still have people tell me all the time, “You don’t even look pregnant!” Up until about a week ago I was feeling sad about that. Then I realized that the time is soon approaching when people will say, “You’re only 7 months?” So I’ve decided to just enjoy this phase I am in.

Drew was playing with his baby animals when “Raffy” (his giraffe) fell and got hurt. “Does he need a band-aid for his leg?” I asked. “No, mama,” Drew replied, “He needs to ice it.” I guess it was a break, not a scrape…who knew?

This is a true conversation I had with Drew in the car:
Me: Drew, what does a red light mean?
Drew: Stop.

Me: What does a green light mean?
Drew: Go.
(Thinking I would stump him) Me: What does a yellow light mean?
Drew: Go, baby, go!

At a restaurant recently, the waiter walked up to the table and welcomed us.
Drew replied, “Chocolate milk and french fries, please. With ketchup.”

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