This and that…

We have an old home movie where my folks are trying to get footage of each of us kids the night before Christmas. We’re singing, dancing, etc. Throughout the entire thing, I (at the age of 4) am constantly trying to be in every shot. I stick my head next to Sarah as she talks, dance around behind Josh…its a bit obnoxious.

The other day I was trying to get pics of I in the exersaucer and, well…I think you’ll see the connection.

In other news, thanks to a clever little chair from Grandma Ruth, the boys had their first bath together. Isaac was scared at first but warmed up to the idea. Drew loved it, mostly because I was so distracted as I got it all set up that there was “LOTS of water!”

And yes- this is a shot taken in our new bathroom!!! Here are some pics of the kitchen and back door-

It is literally a brand-new house down here and looks great. We have so much to be thankful for!

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  1. The pics of the house look so great. I’m so glad for you that you have new and spacious digs! And the boys, too stinkin’ cute!Love you,Kris

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