this afternoon

It’s one of those funny times where I feel like I have something I really want to say but I sit to write I am not sure what it is. I’ve been unpacking from our ski trip, cleaning up the remains of Christmas, and trying to restore order to a cluttered house. The bonus of the afternoon has been that as I clean I am randomly finding Christmas candy around the house. It opens up a whole new world of motivation for me…

I thought a lot about new years resolutions while I was away on our trip (winter we take our teens up to Minnesota for a trip- little rest but lots of fun!) I thought about my resolutions from last year that were a miserable failure. I thought about the ages of my kids, my husband’s unique challenges in our home, the coming events of baby #3 and life after. I decided that I wanted to be more intentional in training my kids and supporting my husband. And I resolved not to make resolutions regarding myself (weight loss, reading, disciplines, etc.)

But then later I was thinking on Micah 6:8, musing that sometimes I think that verse says, “He has shown you, O Becky, what is right. And what does the Lord require of you? To love everyone, to smile fakely, to read the Bible more, to pray more, to witness more, to give more, to be exceedingly better at all things housewife, mainly cleaning, cooking, budgeting, entertaining, and to generally have it all together.” Hmmm… no wonder I feel the weight of expectations that I set on myself, expectations that rob me of joy and the ability to enjoy where I am in life.

Instead, Micah says that the Lord requires me to do the right thing (act justly), delight in showing and receiving mercy (love mercy), and walk humbly with Him. So I want to grow in those things this year.

Our camera is AWOL right now, but when it turns up I will hit you with some funny ski slope shots as well as the latest and greatest of my little rascals. =) All for now-

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