things to smile about

It’s been a long day week. (One more reason to add to the list of “Reasons to Space your Kids Five Years Apart”- you shouldn’t try potty-training the toddler when you are sleep-deprived from the infant! Sheesh.) But you know, there’s grace for days like this. My little ladies are sleeping away, the boys are just starting a little Wii time, and I have been smiling over the pictures that I just loaded from the camera.

Here are some things that make me smile.

Thanks to Isaac, we now know that the baby seat slides well on wood floors.

 Drew feeding Tessa

 My niece, Addie. Doesn’t she have a sweet little heart-shaped face?
Ella and Addie are just six days apart! Fun to think that they will share so many of life’s milestones by being so close together. 

 I love these next two pictures because they perfectly capture what we do whenever we hang with our neighbors.

We laugh…

a lot.
I snapped this picture as I was headed up to bed last night. Sorry, Mary and Joseph, apparently there isn’t room in the stable either.

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