they’ll forgive me…some day

Walked into the living room to find this:

Of course there is a logical explanation.  Every time Isaac uses the potty chair, he needs to be naked.  After using the potty chair, he does a victory lap. And any time Isaac is running around naked, Drew must follow suit (birthday suit, that is). It all makes perfect sense. And this reality is making potty training Isaac even more eventful than I anticipated.
Wait a minute- when walking in on this scene makes perfect sense to you…I don’t think I’ll finish that thought.

0 thoughts on “they’ll forgive me…some day”

  1. Hmm… victory laps… I like his thinking.
    Miss you guys! I really want to come see those little buns in person soon… covered buns, of course! I hope we can sometime this Fall. I know, I know… you'll believe it when you see it! We're just going to have to make it work because I really miss you all and I REALLY want to see your house!!!!!!!!!

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