there and back again

We are settling back in from our travels. The laundry pile is slowly shrinking (the dirty laundry pile, that is.) Both kiddos are sleeping in (Isaac until 6:00 a.m.!!!) I continue to throw up almost every day. Groceries. Paperwork. Bible study. Meetings. Life goes on. It always strikes me as so odd that after someone dies, you just kind of keep going. It’s not as if nothing happened, it’s just that everything else is still happening.

In talking with Drew about the death of his grandma, he was not that emotional. A few days after we told him, he asked me, “Mom, where do you go to get a new mommy?”
“What do you mean?” I asked.
“Well, if your mommy dies, where do you go to get your new one?”
I explained, “You don’t get a new mommy. You only have one.”
Drew’s eyes got big and he said, ” You mean daddy won’t have any mommy? Oh, that’s very sad.” I quite agreed.

Life here is very full at the moment. Besides having four teens here at the home, there are quite a few of our guys who have moved on who have drifted back into our life in different ways. It’s very fun to see them again, and still be in contact. And a blessing to know that they see us as a permanent part of their life. At the same time, sometimes it raises the question in me, “How many people can you really love at once? Is there a limit?” I know there’s no limit to the actual love God can pour out through us, but there seems to be a physical limit in how many people we can emotionally support and logistically help each day. I suppose God will tell us when we get there!

And here’s a few pics that have piled up in the last month-

Isaac on Halloween. The lion costume was a big hit.

Drew was “the Wolverine”, X-Men legend and superhero extraordinaire. (On a comical note, we travelled to Denver on Halloween and Drew wore his costume on the plane. He couldn’t believe how many people did not recognize his costume. One lady asked him, “Are you the Hulk?” to which he excitedly exclaimed, “No!”)

Halloween night with Isaac and Dad, Kai and Uncle Derrick

Drew and his little friend, Shatia

Drew, hugging the neck of a long-neck dino at a Sinclair station in Eastern CO.
That’s all for now. =)
P.S. For those of you who are Tolkien fans, the title of this post was not intentional. The real fans know what I refer to.

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