the weekend in pictures

Friday evening a major storm hit Omaha. Our hotel in downtown Omaha was right in the thick of it. As we watched from the lobby, we marvelled at the strength of the wind, force of the water, and the damage that was evident within minutes. As water backed up, the parking lot flooded and sewers overflowed. Less than 30 minutes later, sewage water began to come up out of the floor on the main level of our hotel. What a mess.Front of our hotel

Sewer overflowing behind the hotel

Damage on the Qwest Center- looking out the back window of our hotel

Hotel lobby beginning to flood- it got a lot worse before it got better

Saturday after returning home, Drew and I conspired to make an anniversary cake for the following day. We were excited to try out ideas from a new book “Hello, Cupcake!” that I got while on vacation. Here’s how our crocodile it turned out.
And here’s some shots of a lazy afternoon at the park. We marvelled that it was a much more pleasant day than June 29, 6 years ago (a comfortable 105 degrees at noon!)

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