the week in review

It’s official-she’s everywhere. Pulling herself up, opening drawers, gnawing on cords…seems like the peaceful baby phase goes faster with each one. So here she is standing, and I think that walking is not far away. Ella does like to walk already holding on to fingers. She cracks me up because, unlike my boys who dragged their feet as early walkers, she gets her knees up and seems to half march, half skip. =)

We had a busy week around here. Garrett and I were asked to lead a seminar at the Jared T. Burkholder Conference for Global Engagement (you old school GU folks may remember that as World Christian Conference). So we spent Monday evening finishing up the talk, and then Tuesday/Wednesday prepping, getting there, and trying to squeeze everything else around it. It was fun to be on campus again, but it made me feel a bit…old (sigh).

The house is coming along well with mainly walls and floors left to finish up. The kids and I spent a morning over there while waiting for the arrival of the MUD guy to fix our gas meter. It was fun to hang out together and just be in the house. Very excited for the weeks to come.

I’ll close with a little joke from I-man…
Isaac: (yelling in the car) Yee-haw!
Me: Isaac- are you a cowboy?
Isaac: No, mama, boy cows say moo!

Happy weekends to you all. =)

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  1. How cool to be able to speak at WCC! I admit, “Conference for Global Engagement” sounds a little too PC and a little clunky. But I think it's wonderful that they named it after Mr. B!

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