the truth about this picture

“Everyone get in the wagon for a picture!”

Drew declares, “I won’t sit by Ella ’cause she has a poopy diaper.”

Ella nods in agreement.

Isaac runs in the opposite direction crying, “I hate pictures! Pictures are busted!”

I ask. I cajole. I momentarily waiver between discipline and bribery.

Isaac consents without either.

Fighting ensues about who will hold Tessa and who will sit by Ella.

Tessa is getting cranky.

I can smell Ella.

The reality of this picture is fading into the bin of “missed moments”. For some reason it suddenly feels like a big deal that I don’t have a good picture of all of them and my stress level is skyrocketing irrationally.

In desperation I cry, “Fine- you can have a piece of candy if you all just look at me and smile!”


I sigh in relief.

Isaac turns and kisses Tessa’s head. “I’m so glad we get to keep her forever.” he says.

“Me, too,” I say. And that goes for all of you.

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