the silence

So it’s been a few weeks. Our desktop computer is officially done for so we are making do with this back up computer that requires you to enter a password every 30 seconds or whenever you change Internet pages. That makes for tedious Internet usage as you can imagine. And forget trying to load pictures (which I have some GREAT ones of the little guys that will just have to wait until the arrival of the new computer.) So I’m forced to blog without the aid of my kids’ snapshots- definitely ups the difficulty level. I’m sure you’d agree as most of you clicked on the page and just skimmed for pics. I’m on to you.

In recent news, our life is crazy. Isaac has decided to start walking and is working on that goal with due diligence. He also climbs steps. Drew continues to stump us with questions and exhibit a little bit of “terrible two’s” that we breezed through so effortlessly. Things at our house have been stressful overall, with changes in residents and the addition of a new staff member (an answer to prayer! Thanks for those who were praying for that)

The South Beach diet was like a true vacation– brief but pleasant. We both lost weight which is good but lost discipline in the midst of some of the recent events. Still we are eating better and both still seeing change- so it’s not all bad.

We are almost through our recent Robert Jordan book and very excited about that. It occurred to me that if I could get paid to do anything and it didn’t really matter if it was significant or not, I would love to get paid to read. I could read all day, every day. I love to read magazines, blogs, the newspaper, classics, biographies- the list could go on and on.

If you could get paid to do anything- what would it be? (how ’bout a little reader participation here? Seriously- with the lack of pics, we all have to chip in to keep this thing afloat. So post a comment and answer the question.)

10 thoughts on “the silence”

  1. OK- so it’s me again just leaving a comment so that you would see that there is a comment and click here. But as long as you’re here…why not leave a comment?-becky

  2. Beck- I love your “trick” to get us to post! That’s hysterical.I would LOVE to get paid to take pictures. I could do it all day every day.love ya,kris

  3. Hi! – found your blog recently. I think anything is fun when you are avoiding something else, so I’ll vote for procratination. Whatever it is, it is no longer fun when I ‘have to’, so I’d just keep jumping from tv to reading to knitting to web surfing. – Kathy

  4. Hey Becky – I’ll read your blog any day and every day regardless of pics….but you know…they do help. Okay…so I think I’d do anything crafty…scrapbooking, sewing, decorating, what have you.

  5. Great question…I appreciate interactive sites! I had another friend who hosted a prize drawing one day for everyone who commented on her blog. 🙂 And I agree, I would still read your blog without pictures. So…on to the question of the day…I can’t decide! I also LOVE to read, mostly fiction, but I also love to eat, and scrapbook, and take pictures (to scrapbook with later!)…so I think I would like to get paid to do all of the above. Especially if I were eating chocolate.

  6. Is anything more relaxing than driving? I could drive all day(a trucker?) while listening to talk radio, music, books on tape, maybe a little Dr. Pepper to stay awake….Josh

  7. How about cooking for family and friends? Or anyone who likes to eat! I’d do that 24/7 even if it didn’t pay. Guess the hubby would get tired of my passion pretty quick. I suppose I’ll have to just spoil you all when I get to visit.

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