The Merger

The great thing about kids that wake up smiling at 6:00 a.m. is that mornings are very productive around here. We eat breakfast, clean the kitchen, get dressed, play an hour…and then it’s almost 8:00. So this morning we cut out play time and instead worked to put the crib together in Drew’s room in preparation for the big merger.

That’s right, baby and boy, youngest and oldest, are now officially sharing a room.

I’m not sure if 7 months is a bit early to put I-man in with Drew, but it seems a bit old to have him in our room and those are pretty much our two options! Drew was very excited about the whole event, which surprised me because I thought he might be a bit territorial over his new room.

The two beds

Isaac seems pretty satisfied

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  1. Wow – what a big ordeal to merge the two little guys! Your boys are so precious. Isaac has changed so much since I last saw him – I really see a lot of you in him Becky:)

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