the final countdown


Early this morning I slipped out of the house to grab some supplies for a project.

“When are you due?” the cashier asks.

“Two weeks.” I reply.

“Oh…just one?” she responds.

What in the world is that supposed to mean? Is that a statement about the growing normalcy of multiples or the size of my stomach that appears it could be housing multiples?

“Yep.” I grab my things and nod as she offers her congratulations.

A few days shy of 38 weeks, and I am trying so hard to be patient, but my impatience seems to increase with my waist size- daily. I’m tired of heaving myself out of bed. Tired of using the bathroom three times a night. Tired of having the floor mobility of a beached whale. Tired of contractions. Tired of being tired.

I know it will be worth it. I know when we see her, I’ll forget about the cankles, contractions, and cramps. I know that eventually I’ll even want to do the whole thing again. But for right now the finish line seems so far away.

But enough about me. In other news, Isaac’s vocabulary is taking off. His two favorite phrases are “Watch this!” (which usually means he has climbed on top of something tall and is about to jump) and “Let’s go!” He is a man on the move and loves to “Go, go, go!” This he will cheer as he runs around the house, trying to find someone to put his shoes on for him. Still such a busy little guy.

Drew is increasingly frustrated with the way summer is teasing us around here, popping up for a day here and there. He is ready to be at the park and pool every afternoon…or at least playing in the sand table. But as of yet it is not meant to be. So we are waiting it out.

Drew is also impatient for the baby to be born, mainly because he is anticipating a 4 day sleepover at his grandparents’ house. Two nights ago he prayed that God might tell him when the baby is coming. He said amen, sat quietly for a moment, and said, “He says tomorrow.” (I admit I was hoping it was a prophetic word somehow- but that tomorrow came and went with no baby).

(Blogger’s note: the video link was ALL my husband- I apologize to those of you who watched it and will have that song in your head for the next decade)

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  1. Becky – I am thinking of you especially in these final days and will be praying for your peace, endurance, and that you’ll experience the fullness of joy when your little girl makes her appearance! Excited to hear the news! We’ll keep checking the blog…

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