The Evolution of Play-doh

Drew has been a fan of play-doh for quite some time now, but it takes on new twists as he goes through his different phases. It used to be “make me a octopus” or “make me a big cow..wiff legs, please.” Here is a pic taken last month with Uncle Hoon where Drew is waiting patiently for Chris to finish creating his latest animal.

But the beauty of the “terrible two’s” is that everything intensifies. Drew’s preference for french toast sticks has turned into a passion, sometimes ending in a teary breakfast when mom insists on waffles instead. He now has opinions on what he will wear (“Shark shirt, no stripes”), eat, do,
etc. The challenge is to help him politely express his preference and graciously accept a negative response.
And like other things, the play-doh has taken on new levels.It started with animals needing a swimming pool. The pool then needed a wall, slide, ladder, and beach balls. Then, with the addition of his dinos to the play-doh time, it became a birthday party! The dinos need hats, balloons, plates, cake, drinks (“diet coke with straws”), and gifts. The party continues to become more sophisticated.
Yesterday, Drew decided that the dinos need underwear. =)
For all the hype about the terrible 2’s, I think they are pretty hilarious.

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