The Dinner Cape

Family dinner is a great time of day. The clang of silverware. The smell of warm food. The murmur of conversation. The screech of the baby bouncing in his saucer. The crash of Drew hitting the floor.

Yes, several weeks ago Drew was having a bit of a problem staying in his chair. He is physically capable, just easily distracted and extemely wiggley. After several nights of falling off, we decided it was time for a strategy.

One of the major values of our parenting philosophy (as gleaned from the Ezzos, Michael Pearl, and Boystown’s Common Sense Parenting) is the critical role of teaching. Kids have to be taught every new skill and should be not be disciplined for failing to do what they haven’t been trained. That’s how it felt with Drew and the chair…he wasn’t ever quite trained to sit at the table.

I remembered a training tool of a family that we met a few years back (ok…like 8 years). She would use these long bibs to go under the kids’ plates as a teaching tool. We knew Drew wouldn’t be too keen on the bib idea, being a very big 3-year old now and deeming all things beneath him as “for Isaac”. So we came up with the “dinner cape”.

Been two weeks of crash-free dinners. He eats a lot more and is ready to get down a lot faster…a three year old can only sit still so long! When we have guests to dinner, he likes to casually inquire, “So, do you wear a dinner cape at your house?”

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  1. What a great idea! I’m sure Drew loves the trucks and machines on his cape. Good job of training the expected behavior! mom

  2. “Kids have to be taught every new skill and should be not be disciplined for failing to do what they haven’t been trained.” . . . Becky, you are such an example to me. I’ve read the books you referred to here, but I miss so much of the main points. I expect too much of my kids when I haven’t trained them. I tell them once or twice and then don’t get it why they don’t get it. I also find it very difficult to take the time to be consistent and patient to train. I mean it, you are such an example to me. I (and Hiro) have noticed your and Garrett’s kind, loving, firm, and joyful parenting with Drew.

  3. Becky Honey,Honey you ARE on the right track – Drew has been the #1 kiddo for a long time and now he had to switch to being the “big brother Drew” and you have to share your parentaly affections with two wonderful lovely sons… should be very easy – you love them both! With Drew adjusting to Isaac taking some of his attentions away from his parents and house boys….must have been hard on him for a short while – you love both boys so well – and I’m sure they know…Drew Bug has exceled in his learning and growing – Drew appears to be a very bright personable 3 year old boy – he has to help teach his little borther Isaac – it is apparent he really loves little Isaac.I enjoy the blog, as that is the only way I learn so much about my Omaha Grandsons….Thank you from the botom of my heart.Colorado loves you all so very much~Leslieaka “Nanna”

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