thanksgiving morning

Besides the muffled shouts of Drew and Isaac playing in their room, the house is strangely quiet this morning. The upstairs has a “morning after” feel to it, with pie plates, candy boxes, and even a few Crisco sculptures left from last night’s Thanksgiving family night. No coffee brewing. No heading to school. No early departures to work. Just quiet- and so I think of Thanksgiving.

In our Kids’ Church the last few weeks we’ve been talking about what it really means to be thankful. I think we cheapen the idea of true gratitude by teaching it to kids as “say thank you”. But the true heart of thankfulness, the acknowledgement of how good our God has been to His undeserving children, is more evident in joy overflowing and contentment within than any taught behavior to mutter “thanks” when given something.

How do you raise kids who are truly thankful, kids who don’t have the dollar signs in their eyes as they watch commercials or ask “why” every time they are told they can’t have a gumball? I wish I knew the answer.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. I hope today’s celebrations will be meaningful to you as you cultivate relationships and reflect on God’s goodness to you over this past year.

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