survival of the fittest

We survived the camping weekend.  In fact, I wouldn’t say we survived, I’d say we had an awesome weekend.  Oh, there were highs and lows to be sure. Cool evenings around the campfire, the kids tearing through the woods with just the sound of pop guns in the distance to hint at their proximity, long talks and lovely weather, and some yummy grilled pizza.

Most of the lows of the weekend are all on Sunday, when the sleepless nights were catching up to me, weather heating up a bit, nap time interrupted by a snake in the tent, and then a general meltdown (meaning me not kids).  But what can you do but pray, laugh and press on.  And so we did and the weekend continued at a lovely pace.

I learned firsthand why a flighty friend is said to be “as dependable as an air mattress on a camping trip”. (What’s that? No one says that? Well they do now.) 

I have a few pics but am counting on my pic-tastic friends to supply more visuals.  I’ll let you know when they let me know. 

How was your Labor day?

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  1. I learned firsthand why a resourceful friend is said to be “like turning solar lights into pretend torches.”

    I overheard that one at Starbucks yesterday.

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