summer time this and that

I have a few quotes and pics that aren’t exactly recent but are blogworthy. Here they are:

The two little guys after bath time last week. It took me twenty tries to get Isaac sitting still in a pic. Drew’s summary: “Isaac is your wild child!” So true…

Drew likes to make up his own jokes, most of which don’t make any sense but he finds hysterical. One inside joke that is cracking him up has to do with the story of David and Goliath. After reading the story, I asked Drew, “What did David use to fight Goliath?” to which Drew replied, “A melon baller!” He really thinks that joke is a keeper- it is still cracking him up!Aunt Sarah and Uncle Matt visited for the fourth- so good to see them!

Garrett and Isaac at a friend’s birthday party last week. If Garrett looks different to you, it’s because he is now 29! We had a fun week of celebrating and actually pulled off a little surprise party- which is difficult to do around here.

Well, that’s all from the Big O.

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  1. I don’t know what it is, but Drew looks SO handsome in that bath picture! I can see him as a teen and all the girls will have his eye on him! :o)

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