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Tonight my friend and I scoured the town to find slacks to match our staff shirts for the Release Ministries banquet tomorrow night.  Gordman’s…negative (is it just me or is everything at Gordman’s made of clingy polyester?) So we headed to Penney’s.  Once there, I found six pairs of black slacks in varying sizes and headed towards the dressing room, and then I saw it.

It was hanging on a rack at the end of the walkway to the dressing room. Chic. Leather. Quirky.  If I was narrating my own story in a chick flick I would have said, “And the moment I saw it, I just knew.” (OK- a chick flick with sub par writing, but whatever.) It was love at first sight.

I snagged it and added it to the pile of pants. 

Two of the pairs of pants sort of fit.  The lazy, overwhelmed side of me was tempted to just buy the pair that looked as though it could be worn unironed, but in the end I was smart and bought the pair that actually fit.  And then there was this coat, this crazy coat I had brought into the dressing room that was so not me but calling my name.  I tried it on and the rest is history. (But if you are actually wondering how it went down, I left it, came home, swooned about it to hubby, who sent me back to store to buy it.)

There are two funny things about this whole story. 1- I am not an emotional shopper.  I rarely buy something that I did not set out to get.  I rarely buy things new that aren’t on clearance. So it was just strange. 2- this coat is really not me.  It’s way too cool looking, not simple classic but kind of ummm…. I don’t even know what they call it. It’s the kind of thing the cute gal who cuts my hair would wear.  How will it look with my goodwill jeans and fav clogs with the new blueberry stains?  I don’t know.  And frankly, I don’t care. I really like it.  It’s very fun to buy something that you really like. 

I’m sorry that my camera is broken or I would snap some pics for you. I’ll try to get on that and give you an update. 

So that’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Good news- new coat.  Bad news- really needed to clean the house tonight and I’m just starting at 9:35! 

Have you ever bought something that you really, really liked? Do tell.

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  1. I remember a heavy big brown crock that I purchased at the Frankfurt flea market. Friends helped me get it to the car, but the car had been towed. So I lugged it to the Polizia station, then to the impound lot and finally got it in the car. I put umbrellas in it by the door in our German apartment and loved it!!! (for a short while) Next move, it was in three pieces when it arrived at our new home. 🙁 Mom

  2. Yay for the new coat!! (And pants…yes, yes agree on the whole gordman's thing…apparently they are not marketing to us). So glad that hubs of yours made you go back and buy the coat! I bet you look awesome in it Becky. Last time I bought something I really, really liked….yes,…got it…it was something so not like me either…in fact it verged on animal print (which I can't stand!), but it was calling my name too! And in my self-consciousness I've worn it only twice. Humph. Hopefully you'll get more mileage out of your coat!

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