Starting another semester

I spent the morning with a group of homeschool moms and was reminded of how much we share: the weight, the thrill, the worries, the hope, the ever present fear. It’s beautiful and terrifying to steward your child’s education, and it’s one of my favorite things to think and write about. In light of starting a new semester, I thought I’d share on the blog a post I wrote on social media for the beginning of the school year.

Intentions matter. Let’s begin as we mean to go.

Homeschool Statement of Intent

This year I will celebrate learning, acknowledge progress, and remind myself that mastery is a lifelong journey.

I will focus more on who my children are becoming than what they are achieving.

I will respect their questions, recognizing that curiosity and interest can lead to significant discoveries about the world and ourselves.

I will keep a high standard for how they treat each other, how I treat them, and how they treat me.

When I wake in the morning and feel the ominous whisper “it’s all on me”, I will remind myself that I serve a good God, am filled with the Holy Spirit, and am surrounded by a community of people who are invested in my kids. I am a small and important part of a very big plan.

I will teach from love, discipline from love, lead from love, mediate from love, push from love, yield from love, and regard myself with love.

I will pay attention to frustration (mine and theirs) but not let it boss us around.

I will not place my self worth in my kids’ education.

I will be faithful to wake up, be present, and steadily pursue truth and goodness every day.

I will trust the Spirit with them and with me.

And if at the end of the year it has not been what I hoped it would be (which is always true because, hello, ridiculously high expectations) I will not resent my circumstances or my kids. I will hold results with open hands.

I offer my hard work and full heart freely. I will celebrate those alongside me. I will seek to champion my fellow homeschoolers in who I am and how I speak.

I stand looking up at this mountain and recognize that the climb will ask so much from me, and I believe with all my heart that it is worth it.

Let’s do this, school year ’19-’20.

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  1. Becky, thanks for bringing your wisdom and lightness to ALA this morning. It was so great to see you again and to get to hear you speak. I have been hearing lately how impactful you have been for so many. I see why. Thanks for sharing your gift via this blog. -Amy

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