So it’s been awhile….

Hey there, stranger. I know, I know…it’s been awhile since anything new popped up on here. I’m so pathetic (and sleep-deprived, maybe?) that when I click down the list of blogs saved on my “favorites”, I’ll actually click mine to see if there is anything new. Oh..right…if I want that done I have to do it (kind of like the dishes…most of the time…except when my most excellent husband does them to surprise me.)

Life at our home plods ahead as normal. My boys are growing up so fast. Drew is full of questions these days, ranging from “How do you get Jesus in your heart?” to “How do you get Jesus out of your heart?” to “Are these ear muffins?” (referring to his ear warmers) and “Are giraffes mammals?” He is quite the thinker, always analyzing and putting things together. He gets that from his dad =) He can’t seem to stop eating his Easter candy; he gets that from his mom.

Isaac officially has teeth..well, a tooth. OK- its the top of a tooth poking through the bottom. He took it like a champ and is loving his new phase of chowing down on things. Isaac was born to eat table food. Whatever I am eating, whatever time of day it is (even if he just demolished five oz. of sweet potatoes and a bowl of cereal), he always opens his mouth and leans into it. Its pretty funny. He’s still such a good-natured little guy. What a blessing.

The little guys and I are off to Florida on Friday! We are joining my immediate family for a week at Disneyworld. Looking forward to the sunshine and slow pace of vacation. (I started this paragraph with the intent to explain why the blog may not be updated while we are away, but then reallized a week lapse is the norm….sorry about that)
That’s the latest and greatest!

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  1. hey, I love vacation pics! Be sure to take lots of them and don’t forget to post them! 🙂btw, you were the inspiration behind my recent blog overhaul – I was feeling so very uninspired to write on my blog, so I just changed the backgrounds and stuff, and voila! have a great time – and hug mickey for all of us!

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