Snow Days

One of the perks of our job is that we get snow days…kind of. I mean, when the guys are home from school, we usually declare a family day of movies, board games, napping, food, etc. Last Thursday morning a big snow storm hit us, giving us the next two days off. We went sledding with friends, Russell made his famous pancakes, played lots of games, and spent a lot of time shovelling walks that filled up again within hours (mostly due to wind!)

Friday afternoon we had the brilliant idea that we should take Drew sledding. It was cold, windy, and we lacked sleds- but somehow we felt that we could make it work. We soon found out that Walmart had completely liquidated all winter gear (“We have swimsuits,” joked the saleslady) as well as the other stores! So we improvised using inner tubes..which quickly popped due to the ice chunks or the weight limit- we aren’t sure which. We managed to talk a lot of people into coming with us, so it turned out to be fun despite the icey hill and freezing wind. Pictured above is Drew and Deb (Zach’s girlfriend).
All in all, the highlight of Drew’s first sledding experience was the discovery of hot chocolate. He is a bigtime fan and now requests it at meals or restaurants.”With marmellows, pease.” =)

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