schnelle funf

1. For some reason I have been thinking a lot about German lately. A few days ago Garrett called and I attempted to have the whole conversation in German. Only, he doesn’t really speak German, and then he made fun of me because we were discussing Mexican food so it seemed much wittier to say “Bueno” than “Jawohl.” (Hence the title of this post, if you didn’t catch that yet.)

2. Have you seen Groundhog’s Day? It’s a movie starring Bill Murray that came out when I was in jr. high. The premise is a reporter gets stuck, always waking up on Groundhogs Day, until he can figure out the right way to live this day. I’ve been experiencing my own version of Groundhogs day. Last week for seven nights in a row, one of my kids was throwing up in the night. At night #6, I woke and then had a strange feeling like I might be stuck in the same night, like maybe no matter what I did there would always be puke in the night. It was a very strange and powerless feeling. Last night we did make it through the night with no vomit (though someone threw up shortly after breakfast. Sheesh. Nicht gut!)

3. One afternoon, we were playing outside and decided to have a snack. So we were all crowded into the little picnic table under our fort. As we chowed on popcorn, Drew leaned back with his elbows propped up on the railing, took a deep breath, and enthusiastically said, “This is the life!” I couldn’t agree more.

4. We went to the zoo today with some friends. Altogether there were eight kids under six years old. That’s not a trip to the zoo; that is one zoo visiting another zoo.

5. Ella’s opinions are thriving and expanding. She now prefers her boots over her tennis shoes. Needs toothpaste on her tooth brush. Needs yogurt to dip her banana. Wants a book before bedtime. She is determined, in a very calculated and emotionless way. At this age, if Drew made a request that was denied, he would have gone about his business or sighed. If Isaac made a request that was denied, he would have thrown a temper tantrum that other toddlers would have found exemplary in passion and technique. But not so, Lady Ella, as proven by this interaction:

Ella: Ou-sside! (meaning ‘I want to go outside’.)
Me: (calmly, lovingly, every hair in place and at my pre-baby weight…oh wait, this is a story not a daydream so scratch that last part) No, Ella. We are not going outside right now.
Ella: Shoes! (she goes and gets her boots, then brings them to me)
Me: I am not going to put your shoes on because we are not going outside.
Ella: (tosses the shoes and goes to open the back door herself but finds it locked. She comes back to tell me) Door!
Me: I’m not opening the door. We aren’t going outside.
Ella: Da-da! (off to find daddy to solve this problem with her)

Well, das ist alles! Hope your Halloween is memorable and fun. I will be spending that evening with a Bionicle, Spider Man, and Tooth Fairy. Maybe pics to come…

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