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I tried to entertain Ella in the hotel room by taking her picture.  This did not work. 

We just got back from a two day road trip with the kiddos.  We decided to take a little family time before the busyness of the holidays and Garrett’s New Year’s trip with the teens.  So off we went.  Just the five of us, three under six, to spend two nights together in a hotel room (I know…what were we thinking?) Several things struck me as we geared up and lived out this little venture.

Garrett and Ella at the zoo

Vacation with small children is not a change of pace; it is a change of scenery.   This is good for everyone, but it’s best to have realistic expectations.  The truth is, everybody sleeps less when we are away from home. It just works that way. And there has to be an agenda; not because we are super-schedulers but because just hanging out in the hotel room lasts for about 3.6 minutes.  And then we need to go somewhere or put the kids in the bathtub. We opted for the first option.

The zoo is always a bonus.  Thankfully if you are a member of a zoo you usually get discounts at other zoos.  The particular zoo we visited had a baby giraffe AND a baby hippo.  We do not have hippos at our zoo (and after talking to the zoo keeper I understand why. 150 lbs of food per day per hippo? A serious amount of poop.  Talk about high maintenance!) The upside to going to the zoo in the off season is there is no one else there.  The downside is there was not a whole lot to see as animals were in for the winter.  Thankfully we had a 50 degree day so being outside was an option- what a blessing. 

The tigers were active
Inside the Giraffe House
The daddy hippo. 
And they called him the most wild thing of all…
Ella Un-Impressed (title of her autobiography)
Silly Drew

At another critical point, we went to Chuck E. Cheese to play games. (note- they always have coupons on their website that will get you a good deal on tokens or pizza…if you are brave enough to eat their pizza) It took me back to the high school days, when all my friends worked at Chuck E. Cheese.  

Drew driving and Ella “helping” (these types of pictures are becoming common.  The theme of Ella’s life is “It’s hard work being the boss when everyone treats you like a baby.”)

On the drive back I was waiting for Drew outside of the bathroom and reading a random bulletin board (it was a bathroom with just one stall so the main door locks- for those of you who were hyperventilating about sending my son alone into the men’s room at a gas station.  Poor Drew has begun to feel the shame of accompanying me into the “Womens!” bathroom.  And unfortunately he can read.  So many things become complicated when they can read.) Anyways, I was reading the job postings and saw advertisements for three businesses: Two Gals and a Mop (cleaning business), Two Strong Backs and a Truck (teenagers who will haul your junk), and Two Dudes and a Blower (snow removal).  I was like, Really?  Then I saw Two Chicks and A Bunch of Toys (an in-home daycare) and 19 College Students and Over-priced Coffee (Starbucks). Just kidding. About the last two. 

I think this look is called “Cold Steel” (Zoolander, anybody?)

I had this vision of a pic with my little man. But he did not catch the vision.
(By the way, I call this hairstyle “Weird Hotel Water Hair”. What’s up with that?)

And we are home.  And kids are sleeping.  And Garrett is catching up on a dose of Battlestar Galactica. And I am procrastinating the Christmas letter. Sheesh. 

Thanks for reading that little trip summary.  Any one travelling for Christmas?

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  1. Holy cats! You were here in town! I wish I'd known, I'd have love to have just said “hi”. Then again, that might have undermined the point of the trip: just time as a family. Hope the trip was good. Let me know if you ever come down again, I'd love to meet for coffee, even for just a half hour (which is about the limit of my kiddo). Merry Christmas!

  2. yay for chuck e cheese! =)

    and zoos!

    and family road trips! (I think?)

    your random musings make me laugh. And I especially love your wisecracks about Ella – it's hard work being the boss when everyone treats you like a baby.


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