Resolution revolution

Each year I usually try to muster up a few resolutions just to feel that I am setting some kind of goals for my life. And each year it is usually pretty easy to think of them because I just re-use last year’s resolutions (similiar to what we do with our yearly plan- right, honey?) But this year I feel full of life and longing and an insatiable desire to not just do more next year but be more. So I have a new approach.

I resolve not to do these things:
  • scrapbook out of some bizarre housewife guilt that I should be
  • buy random things at Walmart (I think this will save me a small fortune)
  • compare myself to others, particularly in areas of personal appearance, kids’ behavior, or work/home situation
  • start books and leave them half way!

I resolve to be:

  • honest with people who ask how I’m doing (so don’t ask if you don’t really want to know)
  • wise with my time
  • careful with my words
  • thoughtful towards my husband
  • enthusiastically supportive and encouraging of my teens
  • personally creative

I really want to write more in the coming year. Not like write e-mails…more like write novels, or atleast some sort of commentary. In a strange way, I feel like I understand what I am thinking so much better when I attempt to put it down on paper. So I’m working on a different blog that will be more of a writing outlet, maybe essays, fiction, sonnets, comic books…who knows? =)

On an unrelated but relevant note, the pic at the top is me and I-man at a ski lodge in Minnesota. We just returned from a fabulous ski trip with our guys- I’ll try to write more and post those pics soon. I included it because my husband firmly believes that there aren’t enough pictures of me on this blog. So there you go, dear- that one’s for you.

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  1. You have always been amazing with words, phrasing, and directness. I would faithfully read anything you put out and no doubt enjoy it all! Keep doing what keeps you inspired!love, Kris

  2. I agree with garrett that there are SO not enough pics of you on here, but maybe you can add that to your “things to do” part. Maybe one of my resolutions can be “Change my blog background more often like becky”! 🙂

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