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It’s 10:11 p.m. here in Colorado. We are on day 17 of our 21 day vacation. Today we took all the cousins to get pictures taken. No big deal…just five kids under four…skipping morning naps…for a one hour photo shoot…sheesh. If I were a drinker I would have needed a strong one after that. But we survived and have a very nice group shot to show for it.

So I’m not up to much- just munching a poptart and browsing a few blogs. (By the way- Josh- if you read this- what is your blog address? I seem to remember it wrongly). The great thing about poptarts is that they are actually a dessert masquerading as a breakfast food. So I feel like I’m eating a cookie, but I tell myself it’s practically like snacking on toast. Toast with chocolate coating and creme filling, that is.
I ran out to Safeway and stopped to grab some beer for the fellas to philosophize over this evening. At the liquor store (I guess they don’t sell alcohol in grocery stores in CO?) I didn’t get ID’ed. I was surprised and a little offended- am I that old that they are sure without a doubt that there is no chance I’m under 21? As I reflected on the way home, I thought there were probably several giveaways 1)- the minivan. 2) the gray hairs that are popping up- granted you would have to be pretty observant, but still… 3) I don’t think minors buy pricey Belgian beer…not really their thing. The sad truth is that I’m beginning to look more 30-ish than 20-ish- when did that start???
We had a crazy hail storm last night; seriously, it was very strange. The whole thing lasted about 20 minutes and it just POURED marble-sized hail. Weird…
As some of you know, I have a sister-in-law, Emily, who is a bit younger..like in eighth grade. It’s very fun to have her in the family. She is an AWESOME babysitter, which is really coming in handy due to the baby rush that has happened in the last few years. And she keeps me hip, you know? Thanks to her, I’ve seen many movies that I feel serve to make me more in tune with today’s preteen (High School Musical and..uh..I know there’s more but I can’t remember the names of them!!!) So, the other day I was at her middle school as she got ready for school, picked up books, found her locker, etc. I overheard this conversation…
Teen girl 1: (in a high pitched voice) Hey! How was your summer? Did you go to the David Archuletta concert?
Teen girl 2: (also in a high pitched voice) Yes, I went!
Teen girl 1: So did I!
Teen girl 2: (talking faster and higher) I didn’t get to meet him but he reached out and touched my hand.
Teen girl 1: (now shrieking and jumping up and down) Which hand?????
Teen girl 2: (holding out right hand while jumping) This one!!!!
Teen girl 1: (grabs hand and holds it to her cheek) AAAAHHHHH!
(Both sigh and then are totally normal again.)
Teen girl1: (nonchalantly) See ya later.
Teen girl 2: (almost bored) Bye.

Both walked away. Cracked me up. By the way, the conversation didn’t involve Em at all…she’s more of a David Cook fan. I guess that’s it from Ponderosa. Garrett turns the big 3-0 (he is referring to it as the “dirty thirty”, though I don’t really know why) on Thursday so that will be cause for celebration. Then we’ll head back to Omaha on Friday evening (we’re going to attempt night driving, which should eliminate the need to stop every 52 minutes…hopefully).
Over and out.

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