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Hey there. Happy Friday. I know this is a little late in the day but it is still Friday, is it not? What a week. Some short nights and long days, but here we are on the other side with our joy and sanity in tact.

And on to the five…

 1. I got everyone dressed and spiffed up for a Christmas picture today.  It’s moments like that, when you’re trying to get everyone to just look in the same direction with their eyes open, and the thought crosses my mind, “There’s just so many of them!” I was frustrated at the end, but when I got them on the computer and dinked around a bit, we actually had a winner! And then I went to zazzle.com to make the photo postcards and found a 70% off code. Double win.

2. We have several friends who live close to us and we try to see on a regular basis. Two couples bought houses just a few streets away when we were living in the boys home, which resulted in us staying within a few streets when we went to buy a house. For two years we met for weekly dinners, and over the years the group grew. We took a break for the late summer and fall, and then decided to get back at it. As we schemed about starting back up, we realized that the group now included nine kids under seven, and twelve adults. Kind of a big crowd to host each week…so we got to thinking and made a new plan. Now we have a rotating calendar so that each week we have dinner with one or two other families. So through the course of a month, we’ll see each other at least once.  It’s working out really well and we really enjoy connecting with those families. And in this phase of life- with a house full of little people- connecting is still possible,  you really just have to be intentional about it. Know what I mean?

3. It’s interesting how decorating “slogans” go through trends. If you are sifting through a home decor section, you will see phrases like “Always kiss me good night” or “Home is where your story begins”. Most of the time they are feel-good or inspirational, but there is one that really grates on me: “Dance like no one is watching.” I know the sentiment is to just go for it and not worry about what people who are looking on will think. But it seems like what it is really saying is “In order to let go, just pretend that no one is there.” But instead, shouldn’t the idea be to just be comfortable with yourself and who cares what the people watching think?  Although I guess “Who cares what they think of you’re dancing?” wouldn’t make such great wall art.

4. Every year I want to really gear up for Christmas and get on top of things with cooking, crafts, celebrating, etc. This year I’m just chilling out, hoping to bake some in the next few weeks, but I’m trying to just focus on the Christmas story. On Wednesday we spent the morning making these printable puppets for the nativity story. We colored, cut out, pasted on cardboard, covered in contact paper, and then stuck them to craft sticks (it took HOURS, seriously!) But now we have a box of puppets that we can use as we tell and tell the story. The kids have already enjoyed it, and I think it was time well spent.

5. We’ve been potty training Ella this week.  She’s such a character and so full of spunk that the whole process was pretty entertaining. Here are some funny moments:

  • The first morning I had some surprises in a bag for when she used the potty chair. I did not anticipate that she would literally pee in the potty chair every ten minutes for two and a half hours. My prize stash was gone much sooner than I expected!
  • On the second day I started the morning by telling Ella that our goal for today was for her to poop in the chair, to which she coolly replied, “Not my job.”
  • After successfully pooping, I praised her and said, “You just have to be patient because it takes a little while to make a poop.” And then she said, “Yeah, that’s why mommy and daddy sit on the potty so long.” Sheesh.

Guess that’s it from our neck of the woods. Have a great weekend!

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