quick! 5!

Is it me, or is the quick 5 really not so quick? You agree? I thought you would.

On to the slow 5:

1. I thought we were sending Christmas cards in 2011. However, said cards have not arrived in the mail yet. It’s too bad I can’t just use them next year, as obviously the picture will be way outdated. But it occurred to me that once they are older, you know-teenagerish, I’ll be able to just recycle cards.  People who haven’t seen the kids all year will just think, “Huh, pictured them taller” or “Gosh, looks a lot like last year’s photo.” On an unrelated side note, no one really saves all those pictures each year, do they?

2. Speaking of Christmas cards, wouldn’t it be funny if you signed your Christmas cards with everyone’s age, like you do with little kids? And couldn’t we make those numbers more accurate?

Merry Christmas!

Season’s best,
Garrett (33.3), Becky (30.75!), Drew (6.9), Isaac (4.5) Ella (2.6) and Tessa (.4)

You never know- it might catch on.

3. Continuing on the topic of Christmas correspondence, what if people were brutally honest in their Christmas letters?

Scott worked way too much this year, missing Timmy’s birthday and our ten year anniversary.

Mikey continues to bite other children in the church nursery.

We’re proud to say that we watched all 76 one-hour episodes of Battle Star Galactica in a mere 13 days.

So much change for Kim! She is now dying her hair to cover up the gray and refuses to go in public without makeup.

OK, enough already. Maybe only reporting the cheerful stuff keeps Christmas on the joyful side. But I do think it would be funny….

4. OK, enough about Christmas cards. Let’s talk meal planning. I know, not the most cheerful of subjects. I regard it as slightly above a necessary evil but still below a mere annoyance. Theoretically, I would have a calendar for the month that lists what we will have as our main meal each day. And then I would proceed to shop every two weeks. However, I have found that having to look at the calendar and be told I am making lasagna brings back haunting memories of elementary cafeteria food. “Salisbury steak and green beans? But I don’t want Salisbury steak and green beans!” And then I think, “Wait a minute! Who’s in charge here? I am, gosh darn it. I’m not cooking lasagna. In fact, if this calendar is going to boss me around, I’m not cooking at all! Viva la Taco Bell!”  OK, so it doesn’t go like that. But I do find that I am a moody cook, meaning I want to cook what I am in the mood for. So I make a menu for the week but don’t assign days. That way at 10 a.m. when I want to pull out meat (OK- more like 3:00 p.m. honestly), I look at my list of meals for the week and I have a faint feeling that I am ordering at a restaurant.

We will now pause for a random movie quote:

“What’s the soup de jour?”
“It’s the soup of the day.”
“Oh, I’ll have that.”


Anyways, I consult my list and think, “Mmmmm, we’ll have the chicken fried rice. That sounds good!” And then I cook that. I know, it’s basically a mind game that I play with myself to make me feel like I have control of my life. But sometimes you need those mind games to maintain a little sanity. Are ya hearing me? (And it kind of goes back to my personality type valuing flexibility- which I mentioned in my last post.)

5. Tori had asked at some point for a brief synopsis of the plot of the book I attempted to write for National Novel Writing Month so here goes. The book is the story of a teenage girl who can smell when people are lying.  She inherited this ability at the age of 15 but, two years later, is still struggling to figure out how it happened and the implications it will have for the rest of her life.  Throw in a mom who is a compulsive liar, a flair for the ironic, the world’s longest narrative of a Trivial Pursuit game, the entire lyrics of She’s Always a Woman by Billy Joel, and an interesting plot twist that comes way too late to actually salvage the story, and that is it. =) I think it will take about 10-15 thousand more words to actually finish the story. I hope to finish it by the end of January, take February off, and then re-visit the manuscript in March and start editing. I’d like to have something readable by summer so I could ask some people to read it and crush my literary-aspiring soul  give some constructive feedback. Who knows?

On a sort of related side note, one day we were singing the “I’ve Got a Dream” song from Tangled (yes- we love that movie. Or more accurately, I love that movie and subject my kids to it often.) We like to make up our own verses so were all taking turns just singing out (my boys’ dreams usually involve some form of martial arts and Ella dreams of being the Incredible Hulk. Oh my.)  Drew turned to me and asked, “Mom, what’s your dream?”

I replied, “Well, one of my dreams is to write a book.”

Drew then exclaimed excitedly, “Mom! You’re living your dream!!!!” referring to my attempts at NaNoWriMo.

Such a sweet little guy. If I’m at the computer, he will always ask, “Working on that novel?” with a big grin. Oh my goodness…

On another sort of related side note which I already said on facebook but is worth repeating, I made up my own verse to the aforementioned song:

I got a dream, I got a dream
And I know some day my kitchen will be clean
And some day I’ll have an hour for uninterrupted showers
Cause like all other moms, I got a dream!

And that, my friends, is the not-so-quick 5. We’ve got a doozie of a weekend coming but that’s OK. You can look at your calendar and say it’s too crazy or you can look at it and say your life is full of good people and abundant opportunity. For tonight I’ll choose the latter.

Adios, amigos.

6 thoughts on “quick! 5!”

  1. Good to meet you Mr. Sampsonite!
    So your saying theres a chance?
    Just when I think you couldn't possibly be any dumber you go…..and totally redeem yourself!

    Didn't see you pulling a movie quote from this movie, see you this afternoon.

  2. Um… that's EXACTLY how I do OUR meal planning… so I must be a moody cook as well. I don't want anyone or anything telling me I HAVE to do something. hehehe I may have some issues with authority…

  3. Yup, I plan meals the exact same way. It stresses me out to be forced into a box.

    And I was going to use the same quote as Uncle J…”So……you're tellin' me there's a chance.” I scored huge bonus points with Tim when I quoted something from that movie when we were dating. It was quite possibly one of the reasons he proposed. 🙂

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