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It’s still Friday so this quick 5 may just make it out before the day ends. I think you will find this quick 5 wiser and wittier than prior quick 5’s because I am a year wiser and wittier. That’s right- this is the first quick 5 of being 31. Bring it on. 

1.  There’s a very big event coming in the next week. It’s one of those times when the stars align, when two paths cross, when Dr. Pepper meets buttered popcorn. Important moments in history when you will tell your grand kids “When that happened, I was __________.”  Next week is March 14, also known as 3-14. Or 3.14. Pi!  AND it is also a Wednesday which means…

So on the day of Pi you can get free pie. Being one to celebrate these special occasions, I already have plans to chat the night away with my good friend, Teresa, who loves pie as much as I do. 

Me:Do you want to go to pie-
Teresa: Yes.
Me: Does it work for you on-
Teresa: Yes.
Me: Can I just get out a-
Teresa: Why are we not eating pie yet?

Yep, that’s how it goes. 

And when it comes to pie, I tend to agree with the Circumference that 2 pi r better than one. (Just a little math humor. Bet you didn’t expect this new age to sharpen my math wit so much. Oh yeah.)

2. We have been filling in this week as house parents at one of the Release Ministries homes. It’s been several years since we lived at the boys homes, so this week at the girls home was interesting. It reminded me of what I loved about being a house parent: teens, cooking, hanging, and a lot of reasons to make dessert. It also reminded me of the challenges of house parenting: teens, cooking, being always with my husband but never together, and weight gain. The kids have really had a blast and will be very sad to head home. That has been a highlight as well- just watching them enjoy the girls and the girls enjoy the kids. It will be nice to be home tomorrow. 

3. Today at the library, Isaac started chatting with a little boy who looked close to his age.

Isaac: Hi. I’m Isaac.
Random kid: Hi.
Isaac: Do you have a Wii?
Random kid: Yeah.
Isaac: What games do you have?
Random kid: We have a wrestling game.
Isaac: That’s awesome. 
Random kid: Yeah, pretty much.
(random kid walks away)
Isaac (turning and yelling to Drew): He has a Wii and he has a wrestling game!
Drew (giving me more grey hair as he yells back across the library): That’s awesome! 

Boys. God love ’em.

4. There is a new Donut Professor location- CLOSER to me!!!!! Wh-what???? Oh yeah. I haven’t been yet due to schedule complications and car sharing (have I mentioned we are a one car family for awhile?) Unfortunately, “Check out new Donut Professor” is always at the end of the list. Conversations like this…

Me: I need to the car tomorrow. Hitting the new Donut Professor.
Guy-who-shall-remain-nameless-who-I-also-share-the-car-with: I also need the car, for that job I have that supports your donut habit. 
Me: Good call. 

Oh but one of these days the stars will align and we will scope out the new locale.

5. I dig The Script. They are my new jam. Right now this song is playing in the background, blaring from our Kindle Fire (have I mentioned how amazing the sound quality is from that little contraption of awesomeness? woah.)

Yep, it’s my jam. I’m not ashamed of that. This is a new, hip, math-inclined, 31-year old that you  are hearing from.  People change, what can I say?

In other news, a new Chick-fil-a is scheduled to be built just a few miles from my humble abode. Which means that the 31st year of my life will also be the year that I …

What more can I say?

In other other news, I am plugging away on the book but progress is slow. I am faced with a harsh reality: writing a book is hard work. Darn. Kind of like scrapbooking and playing the piano and dusting bedrooms and all the other things that I have attempted but given up on. Still, I’m not giving up on this one without a fight. Like this…

Me: I got your number, Book. Oh that’s right….don’t think I’m giving up on you.
Book: Wouldn’t you rather just drink a Dr. Pepper and watch You’ve Got Mail again?
Me: No…well…maybe just tonight. But tomorrow night- it is on!
Book: You are so predictable. And pathetic. 

Yes, that is how it feels most some days. But you know what they say, “Faint heart never finished fair manuscript.” Or something like that. Some days nothing decent comes out, and some days I spend an hour writing to delete it all and feel certain of a different direction. But every once in awhile I write something that says something I meant to say in a way that I meant to say it and it is refreshing. In fact, one good paragraph can fuel weeks of failed attempts. I’ve been riding this paragraph for awhile.

Courage: the missing link in the evolution of my mom’s character. She lacked the courage to be herself at dinner and the courage to do the right thing when everything was at stake.  All these months I had been seeing it wrong; she wasn’t the Tin Man, she was the Cowardly Lion. She had a heart, somewhere deep inside (though it didn’t seem to impact her decisions much). Still it was there- she could be hurt  and scared  and lonely. But she could not be authentic, for she did not have the courage. 
Not sure it will carry me much longer so hope to have some productive writing time soon.

Well, happy weekend to you! It is now officially Saturday. Hope your Friday was great and your Saturday is greater. 

Over and out. 

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  1. AAAH! Chick-Fil-A is opening HERE on Pi day!!! Seeing how I plan every out-of-town getaway around the nearest Chick-Fil-a location… this is going to be AWESOME!!! For me, and for Chick-Fil-A.

    Love you guys!

  2. “What I think is so great,”

    she thought while she ate,

    “is how pi is round and tasty.”

    Then she realized

    as she blinked her eyes

    that the paper wasn't a pastry.

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