quick 5

Just a few random things to say and not much time to figure out how to tie it all together. I must warn you that I am carb-deprived, sleep-deprived, and dr. pepper-deprived. This could be a bit incoherent…
5. Beach Bums
Last Tuesday Drew said, “I can’t wait to go to the beach tomorrow!” We looked at each other in confusion and then realized he had been hearing us talk about the beach- the South Beach, that is. We are officially back on the diet and as of this morning, Garrett and I have lost 10 and 9 pounds respectively. The first two weeks are downright mean- no carbs, sugar, or caffeine. That basically leaves…vegetables and lean meat. (For all you medical/nutrition types out there, let me allay your concerns that it is merely a temporary phase to purge cravings and stabilize sugars. Next week we will add back in good carbs and some sugar) Drew is doing the best- he’s lost 14 pounds! Just kidding =)
4. Isaac Issues

Notice anything funny about this picture (besides that fact that Isaac’s new smile is quite silly and Drew is upside down in the background)? I-man’s pajamas are on backwards. This is due to his new love of nakedness. After three mornings of waking up with no clothes and a stinky crib, I went to this technique. “Why don’t you just train him to keep his clothes on?” said my ever-logical husband. Oh…right….why didn’t I think of that? So actually he is sleeping in regular pajamas again, but since my folks were watching the kids for us last night I went with this look so that they wouldn’t have to be on crib patrol. What a character!!!
3. Team Jacob
There’s been a lot of hype for the next twilight movie coming out and I must say I am anticipating it (not like “opening night in my Bella costume” anticipating, like ” I can’t wait til it gets to Redbox” anticipating. There is a difference.) When I read the books, I took Jacob’s side, hands down. In fact, when I bought the last book there were these iron-on decals that you could use to make t-shirts- “TEAM JACOB” or “TEAM EDWARD”. My first thought was “Oh, yeah!” as I pictured me rocking my “TEAM JACOB” t-shirt. Then I realized that there is something a little weird about the mom in the minivan with three kids who is wearing that shirt. It’s maybe a little off…wouldn’t you say? (Any other Twilight fans out there? And what team are you???)
2. Meal Time Jingle
I have a little song that I like to sing to Ella at meal time. It’s kind of an early 90’s tribute; those of you who are familiar with Madonna may feel it. It goes like this…
Mama kiss me
Dada hug me
I think they’re ok
But the one with sweet potatoes
Makes my rainy day
Cause we are living in a rice cereal world
And I am a rice cereal girl
You know that we are living in a rice cereal world
And I am a rice cereal girl
1. We are going to close on our house this Friday, Lord willing. I’m very excited but trying not to get CRAZY excited as we have heard “You’ll probably close next week” for about 4 months. But we have changed loans and gone a new route which seems to work better, be more efficient, and save us money. So we shall see…
(Note- the spacing of this e-mail is driving me bonkers but I can’t get it to linebreak and Ella is waking. Sorry for those of you perfectionists, it is driving me CRAZY, too!!!)

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  1. So good to hear a glimpse of life right now for you all. I have been thinking of you guys a lot, knowing that the housing situation has got you waiting….praying for you!!

  2. I have been meaning to get you called, but as this is only our 6th day in our house, you can imagine it's a little hectic. I'm so glad you get to close finally! I hope this will be it now for your sake!

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