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“The days are long but the weeks are fast.” That’s what we used to say in college to try to figure out how the time flew by when it sort of felt like it wasn’t.  But I think it still applies well, only now I would say the days are LONG but the weeks are fast.  

We are headed out of town tomorrow, so there are a plethora of things I should be doing other than this.  But I just can’t help myself.

1. Tonight as we walked home from dinner at our friends’ house (can I get a “woop woop!” for living within walking distance of close friends?), there was a group of guys sitting in their garage.  The garage door was up and they were watching the Husker game. We exchanged greetings as we walked by (for those of you who don’t live in Nebraska, that means we yelled “Go Big Red!” at each other). Drew marvelled at the TV in the garage, and then, after thinking a moment added, “Sure hope they have a bathroom out there, too.” Cracked me up.

2. My friend, Tawnya, is now selling amazingly cute things on Etsy (kind of like an online craft fair).  She is one of those crafty chicks who can turn burlap into baby booties and buttons into napkin rings and make it look AWESOME (I made that up about the burlap but not the buttons!). So check out her stuff and tell her I sent you (yes, I am trying to work for a discount here- and on an unrelated note, if you are a sibling of mine by blood or marriage and have a daughter, do not buy her these, as Santa may bring them)

3. I walked by Ella’s room the other day and heard, “Du, du, du, du”. I peeked in and she was sitting in her crib, patting her head. Yes, my friends, she is the first person I know who can play “duck, duck, goose” all by herself.  She truly loves that game.

4. I could really eat some popcorn right now.

5. Today for a fun literature and art activity, I read poems from Shell Silverstein’s “Where the Sidewalk Ends” to Drew.  He would listen to a poem three times and then paint a picture to illustrate the poem.  Very simple but what a fun time we had. Yesterday in the middle of the quintessential homeschool moment (I was feeding Ella raisins, listening to Drew read aloud, and helping Isaac navigate the letters lessons on starfall.com) it occurred to me that I get to spend all day with my favorite people. That is blessing, indeed.

So there’s 39 more posts until we hit the big 3-0-0! Wow.  I’ve been trying to think up something exciting creative  spectacular a little out of the ordinary for that accomplishment but I’m drawing a blank.  Maybe a giveaway (I cringe at the thought), guest post, new look, a “Quick 555”???? I am open to begging you for ideas. 

Over and out.

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  1. I'm with Josh. We could all leave funny stories about our favorite international soccer star of Cinderella. You know, the formerly homeless new homeowner, previous housemom turned full-time homemaker extrordinaire…with bangs? This is a post I want to read!

  2. Thanks again Becky for including me in the quick 5! So sweet! Hmmm…a thought for your 300th post? Wow….that's a hard one. Maybe a little guest post from the hubs!

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