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My kids are cracking me up today. Oh, man. Better make this quick 5 uber-quick.

1. We have a black walnut tree in our backyard. It’s big, the kind of big that you find in older neighborhoods and find strangely missing on the streets of new developments. It shades our yard, house, neighbor’s garage, and driveway. Unfortunately, it also produces large walnuts, which grow in a husk that finish at the size halfway between golf ball and tennis ball. And then they drop. There are a myriad of negative side effects of this tree (sap on cars, kids feet stained, beware of falling walnuts, etc) but the positive side is- walnuts! So I did a little research on how to harvest these bad boys. The process is long…and complicated…and I think I’m a bit late. I was still feeling optimistic when I read “Two pounds of husks will yield one cup of walnuts.” And then all ambition died.

2. I have a queasy feeling with the quick 5 that I am going to tell stories I’ve already told. No one wants to be the internet equivalent of family members who you seldom see and always tell you the same stories, so I guess I need to refresh my memory somehow.

3. This week I took the kids (ages 5, 3, and 18 months!) to the zoo all by myself. It went surprisingly well. I think the secret to good outings with multiple little kids is to have low expectations of them and high expectations of myself. We don’t skip naps, push back meals, or stay past the ominous first signs of meltdown. I gear for at least one tantrum each, and prepare myself to respond calmly. I also remember that it is more about training my child in that moment and NOT about how we are appearing to people around us. It’s tempting to think “Oh well, we’re just not in the phase of going places yet.” I know people who don’t grocery shop with their kids or go on outings. But I’m kind of like (and this is just me- no judgment in this tone, I mean that sincerely) “Life goes on.” So now there’s more of us at the grocery store. And more of us at the zoo. And less sand at the park because more of us are coming and eating it. Sure we have our limits (as witnessed by our gracious friends who hosted me and kiddos last night during dinner meltdown!) and at times it is not pretty. But it’s who we are and where we’re at, and I’m pressing on.

4. Right at the entrance of our zoo there is a bronze-colored statue of a pride of lions. The kids love to climb all over them, pose for pictures, etc. When we walked in to the zoo on Tuesday, Drew commented, “It looks like King Midas touched the lions!” I like that literary allusions are already part of his vocabulary.

5. Drew has become a singer. About five minutes of silence in the car, and then Drew will begin a repertoire of songs (mostly theme songs from cartoons). Thanks to him, I have the “Dinosaur King” theme song stuck in my head. Jokingly, I turned to him at lunch and said the first line of the song, “You know, Drew, Dinosaur king is what you want to be.” He immediately responded, “Mom, Dinosaur king is my destiny.” So clever, that guy.

Is that five already? I have like ten things left to say! But since starting this post, legos have been dumped, water spilled, and caramel removed from Ella’s hair. I should go. Really. Happy weekend.

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  1. BIG SMILE! I haven't been reading long enough to hear repeat stories, but with wee little ones, every story, no matter how alike, is unique. Thanks for bringing back memories. I'm going to the zoo tomorrow with my sister, but I miss the days of going with my “kids” when they were kids!

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