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Not a lot of life in me today. We. Are. Sick. A lovely little virus which consists of diarrhea followed by vomiting has taken our little family hostage. So far Drew is the only one who has weathered it unscathed. Ella pulled out of it today. Isaac and I are in the vomit phase. Garrett is still in the beginning. Yuck.

On to happier subjects…

1. (I’ve been staring at this empty #1 for over ten minutes. I think, just maybe, I don’t have it in me tonight.) Hmmm….

2. Genius: Our DMV now has a drive-thru. Seriously, I drove up a few weeks ago and saw the line coming out the front door. “I did not bring enough fruit snacks to survive that one,” I thought. And then I saw it- a drive-thru lane! We were finished in minutes and the kids didn’t even leave the car seats.

3. Funny: Drew really gets into commercials. One time he watched a infomercial for some super-duper swiffer vacuum thing. He will often comment, as I am reaching around stools or moving furniture, “Sure wish we had the Super Swiffer 5000.” The funny thing is he watched that commercial months ago and is still saying that.

4. Irritating: It seems like if my family creates one load of laundry each day and I do at least two loads, shouldn’t I be gaining on my laundry pile?

5. Had a Dr. Pepper jelly bean this week and it was delish.

Ok- I have to go. I am spent. Happy Weekend!

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