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I am writing this early and going to set it to auto-post on Friday. Don’t you wish your life had that function? Like you could do things ahead of time and then set them to happen at the right time? I sense a gap in technology that needs to be addressed. I just finished my 300th post and am feeling out of words.  But pictures are worth a thousand words, right?

1. I was skimming through pictures of the holidays and I noticed I have quite a few pictures of people reading to my kids. I love reading. I love my kids. I love that people read to my kids (partially because it enforces reading from other people, and partially because if I have to read “Monster’s Isle” by Oliver Chin one more time I will go crazy.)

Drew with Dan and Dani
Isaac with Reid and Shelly (and that odious Monster’s Isle)
Chris and Rachel- with none of our kids but just enjoying Big Plans

Ella and Grandpa on Christmas day

Ella with Aunt Sarah on Christmas Eve

2. We got another cat to be a friend to Tuck. This sounds crazy but was well-intentioned. I figured it would take awhile for them to warm up to each other, I just didn’t know there would be so much hissing involved.  The new cat, named Tutu, is a big hit with the kiddos.
I-man and Tutu

3. Ella has diverse interests. 

She is a lady…

living in a boys’ world…

…and sometimes that is confusing. 
The End

4. Have I mentioned Tech-free week? We decided to spend the first seven days of each month without the use of computers, TV, Wii, for entertainment. (It was decided by my husband that I could still blog because I am nicer when I blog).  It’s good. It’s forcing us to be creative. It is revealing of how often I let the TV pick up the slack for what I feel like I can’t give. This morning at breakfast Drew prayed, “Dear God, please help us to have fun without technology.” He’s feeling it. We all are. But that which does not kill us makes us stronger (and more thankful for the Wii).

5. Drew will be six in 24 days.  I am in total denial. Six? Like half way to twelve????? Sheesh. For some reason, lately Isaac has been telling people that he is 11. This is funny to me because it is funny to him. Ella has a new knock-knock joke that starts “Ock! Ock!”. So cute. I finally figured out why she isn’t ticklish.  Being ticklish would mean that other people can control when she laughs, and she is not about to be told when to laugh. Very much like her.  

That’s all, folks. Happy Friday.

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  1. If you remember, Isaac has actually been in first grade since he was 2 and a half. He was going to ride with us to VBS, and be in 1st grade last year. So at his rate of 3 years for most people's one, he would be approaching nine, and actually eleven isn't too far off. Maybe by this time next year he'll be there.

    That is some moving with math!

  2. Pics of Ella as superhero….too cute!! Not sure if mom told you but Ella called us yesterday morning because she wanted to talk to FiFi. Mom put the phone up to her ear and all she said was “FiFi” and then walked off. You gotta love that girl's spunk.

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