quick 5.1

I’ve been missing the Friday deadline lately for the ‘ol quick 5.  Bad case of writer’s block, I guess.  The point of the quick 5 is that you can say anything…or nothing..but just say it, right?

1.  I was going to write this post last night but I got distracted by the box of books I bought at the thrift store. Books for a quarter…genius.  So instead of blogging, I read Anne of the Island by L.M. Montgomery (yes, the whole thing).  That has long been my favorite in the Anne series, and it was nice to get reacquainted with the story.  It inspired me to reread all the Anne books, but that is a bit ambitious (sounds to me like the stuff of New Year’s resolutions…which I am allergic to)

2.  Friday quote of the day: Drew, as he flips through a book, says, “So what you’re saying is that a mummy is just a dead guy wrapped in toilet paper? Hmmmm.”

3. I kind of want to put up my Christmas tree tomorrow.  Too early?

4. Tuck, the new cat, has begun plotting ways to get into the fish tank. I found him this afternoon sitting on top of the tank with a paw poking into the water. Sheesh.

5. I went back to the chiropractor this morning in efforts to loosen up my knotted back.  There is something very disconcerting about the sound of your bones popping, particularly your neck.  

Bonus item for being late: I’m feeling done with sitcom television.  I’m tired of sexual innuendo.  Tired of watching things and feeling a little ashamed of it.  Tired of laughing at something and then thinking, “I am embarrassed that I laughed at that.”  Tired of looking at perfect people who have wardrobe people and hair people and lives that aren’t real.  Tired of how all that makes me feel.  My entertainment solution? (you mean besides the entire Anne series?) Real Estate Intervention.  Hulu it, folks.  That show cracks me up. My all time favorite is when, at the peak of the intervention, homegirl says defiantly, “I will not give my house away!” Gets me every time. 

The great thing about me having writer’s block is you still have time to do the dishes…or crack open Anne of Green Gables.  Whatever.

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  1. Yay for the Anne books! “Anne of the Island” is my favorite, too. Though I love “Anne of Windy Poplars” and “Anne's House of Dreams” almost as much. Almost.

    Thanks for the Quick 5! I've been missing it!

  2. love it!

    1. Library book sale – books for a quarter. Rocks my world!

    2. I can't believe you've become cat person. I start itching just thinking about it.

    3. You are NOT allowed to put up your christmas tree yet. Patience, patience…

    4. Can't agree too much about sitcom tv -pretty much MOST tv, in fact. I try not to tell people about it because it sounds so….pious?…but it's true. I feel myself turning red or turning away every 30 seconds. That's so annoying, and obviously not reflective of my priorities, so why again am I watching? I stand with you, sister.

    We've SO got to try to get together. Do you have any upcoming travel ANYWHERE in the next year?

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