Drew’s little friends, Sabrina and Claire, came over for a little playdate today. Drew was so excited to have them come and stood looking out the window for almost 20 minutes so that he could see them drive up. They really got along well–no fighting, a few small toy squabbles, and lots of giggling.

We’ve learned that it’s good for Drew to spend some quality time with little girls in order to attempt to balance out the overdose of testosterone that he lives with at our house. As we prep for our time together, I ask Drew the rules for playing with girls. He responds, “Do not roar. Do not hit. Do not wrestle. Do not call them ‘sir’.” I’m not sure when he added the last rule…but he gets the general idea.

Today the three actually played dinosaurs, which was a big step as dinosaurs had been declared “too scarey” by the girls last time. Although playing dinosaurs with girls involves names (Daisy and Shiloh), gender roles (mom, dad, etc.) and lots of words like ‘sweetie’ and ‘dear’. Claire also tried to persuade Drew that his dinosaur, Rexie, should eat fish instead of other dinos. =) Drew was not convinced.

Waiting for lunch
Pretending to be dinos

Just a cute shot!
I tried to get Drew to move to the other side of the table but both girls followed- how funny! Its a great reminder that friendship at any age should be treasured and I am so thankful for these little ladies in his life.

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