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On the evening of our celebration of our 8th anniversary, we found ourselves in our hotel room watching “Good Eats” on the Food Network.  Yes, I know, how insanely romantic of us!  The reality is that when you live pretty simply, dinner out (minus kids), a movie (at the theater??? they still have those???), and cable make for a pretty good night.  So there we were, watching, totally mesmerized as Alton Brown taught us how to make pizza on our grill.

Here is the recipe.

And Friday night, we made this dream a reality.

Nothing makes you feel quite so domestic…or inadequate…as homemade dough.  I must confess that the first attempt did not rise at all and felt sort of like a brick.  So we made another go at it, this time using the actual dough recipe from the website, and it turned out great.  (Another confession is that I love to eat dough. Seriously, it tastes so good to me. I will neither confirm nor deny the rumor that I ate a good portion of the non-rising dough)
For this recipe, the pizza “sauce” is actually grilled tomatoes that you marinade, grill, and then smash on the cooking pizza. 
Next we got the dough rolled out and on the grill. (Note you do need a pizza peel for handling and flipping the dough)
It cooks quickly (1-2 minutes per side) and we found the tomatoes needed longer.

After flipping the dough, we added the tomatoes, fresh mozzarella, Parmesan, and fresh basil from a friend’s garden. Then it cooked another few minutes and was done!

And the result was (forgive me for this)…OMG. Wow. Oh man. Yowzers.  It was so tasty and fresh and flavorful.  For the next pizza we made the only possible improvement- we added bacon.  And that was off the charts.

So there you go- we highly recommend the recipe and the whole experience was a lot of fun.

And you know- though it may seem a little lame how we spent our 8th anniversary with Alton Brown- I’m so glad that we are a couple that still tries new things. Together.  And has a blast doing it. I mean, who knew that we would be pizza grillers?  Makes me think the best is yet to come- and I’m not talking pizza. =)

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  1. Nick and I would very likely be doing the same thing! We love “Good Eats” and have both of his pizza episodes on the DVR. We have yet to try one, but our grill has yet to be dropped off by my mother-in-law. (Maybe next month…)

    Glad you guys had a nice anniversary! Thanks for the post. I really want to try this now!

  2. Sounds yummy. Okay, so I will ask the question. What is a pizza peel? What did you marinade the tomatoes in pre-grill? Mom

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